Three Wise Men Parade at Higuera de la Sierra

The ‘Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos’ or Three Wise Men Parade at Higuera de la Sierra , Huelva province, is an impressive parade where the inhabitants of the village play out scenes from the Bible of a great affinity with the culture of the time. Surprisingly, they stand immobile despite the low temperatures of this time of the year.

It takes place, as most of this kind of rituals celebrated throughout the country, on 5th January.

It is the second oldest one in Spain and it has been declared Festival of National Tourist Interest.


A little bit of history

This parade begun in the 1918. Year after year local people are transformed into biblical characters to depict scenes from Jesus.

Nowadays, around 30.000 visitors are received by this village on this day.


How it is celebrated

A total of 16 floats participate in the Three Wise Men Parade at Higuera de la Sierra. All of them are designed and made by hand by the villagers, who work on it for several months. The last three floats are the ones with the kings. They are the most looked forward to by the youngest as thousands of sweets are thrown from them.

It starts at 9 pm and it last 1 hour and a half. After the procession the festival follows for the children of the village. The three kings appear at the Plaza de la Constitución and hand out presents to them.



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  • Higuera de la Sierra, Huelva