23/24 August (one or two days)

We will enjoy this festival as part of the ‘Colla de Castellers‘ (human tower group).

‘Castells’ (Castles) are part of the Catalan tradition. It consists in the building of human towers of different forms. Every single member is called “casteller” and has a concrete function inside the group. The base of the human tower is the lower part, the ‘pinya’, with the biggest group of people whose aim is to give stability to the form. This will be our function as “castellers’. More info about the Castells.

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Castell or human tower  'Festa Major De Sitges'

Human tower or ‘castell’

August 23rd

We will attend the‘Grallers’ (folk musicians) entrance, the emblematic Sitges sardana dance, the popular dances parade with Gegants, Cabeçuts, Drac, Àliga, Diables, Bastons, Cercolets, Panderetes, Pastorets, Cintes, Gitanes and the Moixiganga. All of them will perform their dances (Ball de diables, Ball de Cercolets, Ball de Gitanes and Ball de Pastorets…).

In the evening it will be our turn. As members of the ‘Colla de Castellers’ we will assist in building the human towers.

Late in the evening it will take place the fireworks display and then the traditional dances carry out “descent of the Stairs

August 24rd

Only for early rises at 6:00 am a joyful and festive “matinal” takes place.

After the a mass in honour of the Saint Patron of Sitges there will be a parade led by the authorities and followed by all the dances and their musicians. And then our turn as castellers. Afterwards the last dance of “Besties de Foc” (beasts of fire) and giants.

In the evening after the Sant Bartomeu´s procession, on which the folkloric dances and musicians accompany the saint , we will witness the most thrilling moment of the Sitges Festa Major: all the fires and crackers will be lit, the dances will be carried out to their respective music and a firework display will take place, all at once.


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