*International Tourist Interest

6/9 September (one or two days)

Limited to six persons.

Cost of this experience: 40 eur per day

In the 15th century a farmer from the village of Guadix found an image of the virgin while working in a field located in Baza. It caused a confrontation between both towns which has lasted up until now. Click here if you want to read more

Cascamorras -Guadix-

The ‘Cascamorras’, Guadix

6 September (Baza)

We will meet up at 15:00. After having a drink and explaining everything about this traditional festival, we will go up to the hill to smear us on oil and wait there for the Cascamorras and his retinue. At 18:30 the race will start. Our aim is that the image of the virgin remains in the city, therefore the Cascamorras has to get dirty. We have to go after him to prevent him from taking the image of the virgin. In the evening we will enjoy the great party held in Baza during the days of the festival.


9 September (Guadix)

We well meet the Cascamorras and his retinue around 16:00 pm, before the race. We will be able to talk to his retail and we will witness how he gets ready for the race. We will prepare ourselves for the funny race, this time with coloured water.

In the morning, a Cascamorras for children with confettis and streamers takes place.


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