*Festival of National Tourist Interest

27/28 August (one or two days)

Cost per person: 95 Eur (children 50 Eur). It includes the t-shirt of the ‘peña’ with whom we will take part in the “Cipotegato” festival, and the meals with the ‘peña’ -night snack on the 26th, breakfast and lunch on the 27th and snack lunch on the 28th. And during the whole experience the experiential touristic guide.

Participants: in order to be able to get involved with the ‘peña’ and get closer to the ‘Cipotegato’, the number of participants is limited to 8 pax. Do you want to miss this opportunity?

Every August 27th, noon time, the Main Square of Tarazona is crowded with people who insistently cry ‘Cipote-Cipote’. The door of the Town Hall is opened and the figure in red-green-yellow, whom everybody wants to pelt with tomatoes, is there. It marks the start of the festival. He is hardly able to cross the square, being helped by his family, friends, as well as old ‘Cipotegatos’ who try to make a  corridor for him. He runs through the city and finally, when he returns to the main square, he is taken, to the cheers of the crowd, upto the statue which depicts the character. Once he rises up to the statue he salutes the crowd and a storm of tomatoes falls all over him…

Tarazona and the Cipotegato

Historic-Artistic  Site of Tarazona

27 August

We will meet up in the morning to get breakfast with the ‘peña’ (group of people who join together efforts to celebrate the festival) and we will be explained about the festival. Then we will join the crowd at the square to enjoy the festival.

We will have lunch with the ‘peña’ and we will go on with the celebration as long as our bodies hold out.

 Just for those with children, another ‘Cipotegato’ for them takes place in the evening . This time red balls substitute the tomatoes. But this is not the only act for the youngest. In the morning, after the Cipotegato, the youngest can attend a foam party in the old bullring.

28 August

The morning of 28th August the ‘Cipotegato’ will take part in a parade with giants and large-headed figures. He will also attend the mass and the Offering of flowers and fruits to the Virgin del Río, while regional music and dances are performed by to the river.

We will know a former  ‘Cipotegato’ and we will spend some time with him.

We will join the ‘peña’ and go out for ‘tapas’ and ‘cañas’.

In the evening we will continue with a tour of the city,  Tarazona has a remarkable collection of historic buildings of an extraordinary cultural and artistic wealth.


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