Day Of The Geese

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The Day of the Geese is a tradition which has been celebrated in Lekeitio for more than three Centuries, nowadays as a part of the San Antolines Patronal Festival during the first week of September. Click here to see much more info in our blog  

Great Week of San Sebastián

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The week of August 15th San Sebastián held the Great Week, where an International Fireworks Competions takes place among many other events, such as the fire bulls for children or the most recent All Aboard, which is becoming one of the most popular activities in the festival´s program. Click here to find much more in […]

Pilgrimage to the Saint Eufemia Hermitage

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It is held on the first Sunday after the day of Saint Eufemia, in the mountains between Markina and Aulesti. Thousands of Basques participate in this pilgrimage itself and in the events celebrated around it.

‘La Virgen Blanca’ (White Virgin)

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The Celedón, a peasant of a 18th century, point out the beginning and the end of this festival celebrated in honour of the patron saint of this city. Live music scattered around different venues and a large variety of activities take place over five days in August. + info in our blog

Tamborrada Drum Parade of San Sebastián

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On January 20th thousands of people take the streets of San Sebastian to celebrate their patron saint. The’ Tamborrada’ is held in his honour. This is the most important festival of the city. Local people gather together to bang on the drums for 24 hours. All the info in our blog * National Tourist Interest