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Saint John´s Festival -Firewalking and the “Móndidas”-, San Pedro Manrique

*National Tourist Interest Two ancient traditions of different origins which are celebrated …

Procession of Silence


Flickr Photoset of Holy Week Processions  *International Tourist Interest

Carnival of Aguilas

Aguilas, Murcia

*International Tourist Interest  

The Muixeranga


Algemesí is the only town of the Valencia region where ancient religious …

All Saints Fair

Cocentaina, Alicante

This was the main agricultural market in the region. Nowadays is one …

Entrance of Bulls and Horses

Segorbe, Castellón

Around the second week of September Segorbe celebrates its festivity with the …

The Tomato Fight


Tomatoes are the real protagonists of this festival, which is held on the …

Villajoyosa Landing


This festival commemorates events of the  the XVI Century, when berber pirates …

Bonfires of San Juan


The city of Alicante celebrates the arrival of summer with music, bonfires …

Moors and Christians

Alcoy, Alicante

This festival commemorate the fights between Moors and Christians from the 8th …