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Folkloric Descent of the Nalon

Pola De Laviana, Asturias

An enjoyable sailing event takes place in Asturias at the end of …

Pilgrimage to the Regalina’s Hermitage

Cadavedo, Asturias

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The Cider Festival and the Guinness World Record of Cider Pouring


Every year a new Guinness, natural Cider pouring , world record is broken …

Descent of the Sella River

Arriondas & Ribadesella

Almost 20 km long between Arriondas, in the foot hills of Picos de Europa, and the …

Cider Festival Nava


The Cider Festival of Nava has been celebrated since 1969. Folk music, …

Virgen del Rosario – Fisherman´s Procession


The Festival of the Virgen del Rosario is a  three-day celebration featuring …